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Lifting beam

The lifting beam is a useful tool when attaching the block clamp to your forklift truck. Using this product you can stack your concrete blocks quickly and easily without a crane. Slide the lifting beam onto the forks of the forklift truck and attach them securely. If necessary, use extra safety chains to prevent…

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Rubbers block clamp

To avoid damaging the concrete block during lifting, rubber guards have been placed on the inside of the block clamp. These rubbers grip and rub against the concrete which eventually causes them to wear down. It is possible to order extra rubbers so that your blocks remain undamaged, even after frequent use of the…

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Block clamp

The block clamp is a mechanical clamp with a reach of 40 to 80 centimetres used for moving and stacking concrete blocks. The block clamp is suitable for almost all concrete blocks produced using the Europeblock moulds (with the exeption of roof moulds). The clamp is simple to attach to a crane or other…

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