Mould 120x60x60

The concrete block mould 120x60x60 is a very popular size mould, as is the mould 160x80x80. The blocks you produce with this mould are long and heavy, making them ideal for building long and high walls for retaining walls and storage boxes. The heaviness of the block makes it the perfect solution for storing recycling materials. Using the partial wall 60×60, you can make blocks of 60x60x60 and 120x60x60.

About the block

Here is an impression of the block you produce with this mould. The block has 8 studs that fit together exactly when you build it. Building a wall has never been easier!

You determine the composition of the concrete yourself. Experiment and discover which proportions produce the best blocks for you.

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See below which other products you can use with this product. For example, place a partial wall in the mould to produce half or quarter concrete blocks. These smaller blocks are necessary when you build the wall in bond. You can also use the roof model to produce 180x60x60/90° blocks to neatly finish the walls you build.

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