Divider 40×40

The 40×40 divider makes the production of half, quarter and three-quarter concrete blocks possible. Smaller blocks are necessary when building with concrete blocks in conjunction with other structures. The half, quarter and three-quarter blocks function as fitting pieces.

Why use a divider?

With the aid of the divider, you can produce several, smaller variations of concrete blocks in one single cast. The divider is simple to use and does not have to be fastened to the mould. There are no special pins, screws, bolts or other fasteners required for this. When the concrete is sufficiently cured and the block has been demoulded, the divider can easily be removed. Your mould is once again ready for use in a new cast for either whole, half, quarter or even three-quarter blocks.

Deelwand Zwischenwand Séparateur Divider 40x40

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