Mould 160x80x80/45°

Using this (oblique) mould you can produce sloping concrete blocks, the sloped side makes them ideal for finishing walls neatly. In the construction of a storage box, it is often unnecessary to build the walls at the opening of the box as high as those at the rear. This is because materials are not stored against the front of the box and therefore the walls do not have to be as strong. It is possible to stack the wall blocks at the ends to form steps or to finish the wall using these sloping blocks. Use this mould to produce sloping blocks for a neat finish to your walls and storage bays.

The advantage of this sloped mould is that the volume of the concrete block to be produced is reduced. Filling this mould requires less concrete than producing a complete block. Another advantage of a sloping finished wall is that no material remains on the block, rain water simply runs down the sloping wall unhindered. The sloped mould is a good addition to your purchase. If you are interested in this mould, please ask for a free quote.

Schuine mal Gießform Moule Mould 160x80x80 / 45

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